Estee Lauder has teamed up with 60s fashion superbrand Courreges for a 16-piece capsule collection – it even has Kendall Jenner in the advert.

André Courrèges epitomized futuristic fashion in the sixties with lines comprised of crisp, leg-bearing silhouettes, exaggerated toppers, and the kind of sunglasses that we would still describe as ahead of our time. His forward-thinking perspective melded geometry – lunar, round shapes juxtaposed with architectural A-line skirts – and eye-catching textiles (think: plastic-y whites, mirror coatings, PVC).

Fifty years since his heyday, we’ve entered the era of the 360-degree lifestyle brand, which we think Courrèges would have embraced as a natural extension of his Space Age aesthetic. Now, the storied French label’s current owners, Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torloting, are giving it a revival by way of a recently opened Paris boutique and a new beauty collaboration with Estee Lauder that’s sure to infiltrate your makeup bag.


The thirteen-piece capsule collection aims to take Courrèges’s revolutionary vision into the present. So how does one wear makeup born of both future and past? More than anything, says makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo, “It’s about a light touch and a clean, modern finish,” referencing the weightless and shining Illuminations Face Powder and transparent coral Lip Visor that imparts a shining patina without feeling sticky. He also adds that the inclusion of a white eyeliner also feels new, especially when painted along the bottom lash line to supplement a nude palette. Between the gel tint Lip and Cheek Ball’s transparent pop of from-within pink (served in a shining metallic orb), and the creamy, metallic silver eye pencil, all thirteen products are designed to be worn together or item by item – and above all, are as beautiful as they are fun.

Source: / Estee Lauder

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