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David Beckham reveals new eyewear line for Fall/Winter 2021

David Beckham reveals new eyewear line for Fall/Winter 2021

Footballer David Beckham presents his latest eyewear collection, and grabs instant attention which puts him back in the spotlight.

Eyewear by David Beckham Fall/Winter 2021 Collection takes inspiration from the sports superstar’s London roots. The collection, as a result, has Beckham’s signature British style which defines the eyewear range, focusing on intricate details and smart and stylish wearability. Beckham’s eyewear collection offers a selection of sunglasses and optical frames which have a retro and classic feel about them. The campaign for the latest Eyewear by David Beckham collection builds upon images from previous campaigns, along with referencing famous photos of well-known movie stars. Starring in the campaign himself, Beckham is dapper in front of the camera, and the 46-year-old fashion icon is handsome and sleek in shades and eyeglasses from his line.

Beckham is committed to his own eyewear line. “I set out to create glasses that would never go out of style,” says Beckham. “…special pieces that I would love to wear myself,” he continues. From sunglasses to optical frames, David Beckham’s eyewear collection includes a nod to Beckham’s own style, along with timeless trends for the most important accessories.

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