Davidoff Cigars presents the Air de Famille Series I humidor line. The limited edition of the popular Air de Famille line is made of high-quality woods of certified origin and has received a design update that effortlessly upgrades the humidors to classy interior items.

Davidoff’s prestigious handmade humidors are of the highest quality with a lifetime structure warranty. They are considered the most luxurious products for storing cigars in perfect condition and style. The humidors of the Davidoff Air de Famille Series I are made of different exceptional types of wood of certified origin. Various special finishes and colour consistency of the inside and outside woods make these humidors true works of art. All pieces are hand-varnished to prevent the wood from absorbing the humidity the cigars need. The designs are tasteful and elegant; they turn the humidors into classy interior items that are – like all Davidoff humidors – superior in function and in providing optimal storing conditions. All products are obtainable in the established ambassador and primos formats and are only available in limited quantities.

Davidoff Air de Famille Series I Olive Wood – limited to 70 humidors
Davidoff Air de Famille Series I Olive Wood is made of quality olive wood of certified origin known for its durability and strength. Its light colour and its authentic oil-like wood grain patterns in a satin matt finish arrange for the authentic aesthetics of the outside of this humidor. The interior structure is crafted from Aniegre, an odourless and discreetly pored wood admired for its warm, light, golden-brown to light pinkish-red tones and its silky sheen.

Davidoff Air de Famille Series I Smoked Oak – limited to 60 humidors
The Air the Famille Series I Smoked Oak humidor is characterised by its elegance and its refinement. The oak wood has long been associated with the mythological gods due to its immense size, strength, and longevity. To get this very special and beautiful dark colour, the oak wood goes through a fumigation process. On the outside, the humidor reveals a subtle satin finish to preserve the authenticity of the wood. The inside structure of the smoked oak humidors were crafted from walnut, a noble quality wood characterised by its excellent processing qualities.

Davidoff Air de Famille Series I Ziricote – limited to 50 humidors
The Air de Famille Series I Ziricote humidor is a refined combination of exceptional craftsmanship with precious and majestic wood. Ziricote is a wood with a very particular design, a mixture of veins on a brown background. The outside wood surface is finished with a glossy effect adding beauty to the humidor. The inside structure of the humidor was crafted from mahogany sapele, a highly sustainable, solid and relatively fast-growing wood. The texture of the grain is interlocked and sometimes wavy, with a fine uniform texture and good natural luster. The hardness, medium density, and propensity for straight-grained boles makes sapele wood very stable.

The ambassador format
With a capacity for between 70 and 80 cigars, the sleek, linear ambassador is created for cigar aficionados with a large collection of cigars. The design embodies a stylish cut that accentuates the lid structure and reveals a white frame. The lofty interior contains a removable tray with its wood grain, and dividers for flexible arrangement of the cigars.
Capacity: 70 – 80 cigars
Features: 1 Davidoff Slim Regulator and 1 removable basket
Dimensions: 38.5 x 24 x 14.3 cm

The primos format
With a capacity for 25 to 35 cigars, the smaller primos is perfect for building a first collection or as a second, compact humidor, to ensure one’s favourite cigars are always stored in the best condition. It comes with a slightly curved lid that conveys a contemporary notion of asymmetry.
Capacity: 25 – 35 cigars
Features: 1 Davidoff Slim Regulator
Dimensions: 27.9 x 23.9 x 10.8 cm

Entirely handmade in France, both humidors are finished with the discreet, elegant Davidoff signature on the outside and contain the Davidoff Slim Regulator in contemporary black finish. The proprietary Davidoff regulator system guarantees constant humidification between 70 and 72 percent.

Launch and availability
The Air de Famille Series I humidors will be available at Davidoff flagship stores and select appointed merchants as of January 2022*.