Travellers at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi have a new retail offering designed to remove some of the taboos around lingerie shopping – it’s a vending machine!

After all the duty-free shopping for fine fragrances, luxury spirits, confectionery and toys travellers will soon be able to spend that little bit more with an innovative lingerie vending machine at Delhi airport. To take the taboo away from lingerie shopping for both women (and men), Radhika Goenka, founder of Lingerie Shop, is installing the vending machines in terminals at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

“There is a stereotype attached with buying lingerie in public, or even talking about it for that matter. I wanted to change that perception. By enabling women to buy stylish and comfortable lingerie in the open, I feel like we’re empowering them to embrace their femininity and inner beauty. The Lingerie Shop vending machine is a small step towards revolutionising the Indian lingerie industry with intelligent innovation.” Goenka says.