DFS debut for exclusive Remy Martin Cognacs

DFS debut for exclusive Remy Martin Cognacs

The travel retail exclusive Remy Martin Cellar Master’s Selection of fine Champagne Cognac is currently being introduced within Asia at Hong Kong International Airport DFS stores until the end of February.

The first two expressions of the long-awaited, elite range are Remy Martin ‘Prime Cellar Selection’ Cellar N°16, a powerful Cognac with intense vanilla notes; and Remy Martin ‘Reserve Cellar Selection’ Cellar N°28, a silky liquid with rich candied fruit notes.

Faithful to the brand’s tradition of creating fine Champagne Cognacs from the prestigious crus of Petite and Grande Champagne, the Remy Martin Cellar Master’s Selection celebrates the ‘aromatic diversity’ of the House’s various ageing cellars, each of which has its own characteristics that imbue the spirit with specific notes.

Remy Martin ‘Prime Cellar Selection’ Cellar N°16 is created from eaux-de-vie stored in an above ground cellar, which begin their ageing process in new casks. As the air is warmer in the upper tiers of the cellar, the interaction between the casks and the eaux-de-vie is heightened, giving rise to intense vanilla notes.

In contrast, Remy Martin ‘Reserve Cellar Selection’ Cellar N°28 is derived from one of the underground cellars that house the liquids with the greatest ageing potential. These eaux-de-vie benefit from the cellar’s constant humidity and temperature levels, which together provide perfect ageing conditions. The use of old casks confers silky notes of candied fruit onto the eaux-de-vie.

The Remy Martin Cellar Master then selects similar eaux-de-vie from other cellars to complete these two new travel exclusive Cognacs.

Matthew Hodges, Marketing Director, Remy Cointreau Global Travel Retail says, “The first two expressions from the new Remy Martin ‘Prime Cellar Selection’ were launched in the Americas last year and the response has been most encouraging.

“We are confident that travelling consumers in Asia and Europe will be equally impressed by these two travel exclusive expressions with their distinctive aromatic profiles and superb, complex flavours.”

Throughout March and April the Cellar Master’s Selection promotion will move to Singapore Changi Airport, after which the line will launch in other markets across Asia.

Source: Remy Cointreau GTR / DFS

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