DIOR presents its Fall Winter 2023/24 campaign featuring models Abény Nhial, Ana Oliveira, Florencia Mayer, Maryel Uchida, Sophia Lisboa, and Yilan Hua lensed by fashion photographer Brigitte Niedermair.

Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri continues to examine the relationship between clothing, the human body, and fashion, with the Dior Fall Winter 2023-24 Collection.

The Creative Director pays homage to the history of Dior and the eternal elegance of Paris through the captivating narratives of Catherine Dior, Édith Piaf, and Juliette Gréco, drawing inspiration from the foundational silhouettes of the 1950s wardrobe. These extraordinary individuals exemplify independence, audacity, and freedom, which are all vividly portrayed in this unique campaign.

The collection, which gives a new spin on Dior’s allure, comes to life through a series of fascinating pictures captured by fashion photographer Brigitte Niedermair. The images portray a redesigned, forceful femininity that borders on rebellion. The lighting and shadows are balanced to create a polished and visual backdrop. Vibrant splashes of color – ruby, emerald, and blue – contrast with the splendor of black in the collection.

The looks in the collection narrate a symbolic encounter, blending meticulous references to the Dior archives with a desire for innovation, a core value of the House. Leopard and houndstooth motifs, enduring Dior signatures, grace coats and long dresses. Crushed fabrics adorned with metallic threads elevate the ensembles, reflecting the enduring inventiveness of the Ateliers.