Dior debuts Hydra Life eco-friendly skincare range

Dior debuts Hydra Life eco-friendly skincare range

Dior has launched a new skincare regime and product range which emphasises a natural, “makeup free” look achieved through eco-friendly treatments.

Dior Hydra Life includes deep hydration toners and creams, three types of masks made from jelly, clay and balm, a trio of cleansers and lastly, an exfoliating powder.

Dior Hydra Life launched exclusively at beauty retailer Sephora in March. The collection will have wider availability starting in April.

As with all of Dior’s skincare collections, Hydra Life is rooted in cutting-edge scientific research. For the first time, Dior Science looked at skin as a living organ by taking into account skin flora, the upper layer essentially to natural beauty.

Dior is the first brand to partner with the Human Microbiome Project, a worldwide collaboration researching skin flora genes. The project features 200 researchers, 250 patents and has published findings in 370 scientific journals.

The resulting line is gentle on the skin and eco-friendly by minimising the presence of parabens, silicone and petrochemical derivatives. Also, the packaging is constructed from leaflets, corrugated cardboard and cellophane and its ink is derived from natural origins.

These efforts combine reduces the environmental impact of the Hydra Life skincare collection.




Inspired by the desires and needs of women, Hydra Life skincare products have been created in line with their fast-paced and multi-faceted lifestyle. Experience is an integral component of this skincare. For them, Hydra Life has turned beauty into an ultra-simple and instinctive game that entices you to indulge in its delightful sorbet, aqua and jelly textures that are refreshing, luscious and light. In a nutshell: effective textures full of life and cheerful delight.

Researchers at the Dior Laboratories have explored the properties of the organically grown Anjou flower and its extraordinary ability to capture, filter, and channel the purest water to its corolla. Adding to these benefits, some of the biological elements in its composition make the textures in which it is used even more fun and luscious. From deep within to the skin’s surface, Mallow is a source of beauty and hydration.


Every minute, every second, every cell has different needs: some are highly active and need a lot of water to carry out their functions, while others are less active and require less water at a given time. The latter can therefore share their water with the active cells through a network of water channels called Aquaporins. Dior Mallow extract enables the perfect network of Aquaporins to be recreated in the skin so that the distribution of water is the most effective possible. The water becomes smart and is able to reach the cells in need, on-time: each cell is at its optimum potential; the skin expresses its natural vitality, its instinctive youth and radiant beauty.

1 – As a result of time and environmental aggressors, the skin loses its Aquaporin network and water no longer circulates.

2 – Dior Mallow extract enables the perfect network of Aquaporins to be recreated so that the distribution of water is the most effective possible. When the latter are sufficiently present, water is naturally pooled by all the cells.

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