Why Dior girls will be sweet kissers next year

Why Dior girls will be sweet kissers next year

A new lip product will be joining Dior Addict family for spring 2017 as Dior presents the new Addict Lip Sugar Scrub – the first lip scrub with a lip balm texture.

Lip Sugar Scrub will gently exfoliate the skin on your lips, leaving them soft, fresh and coloured with a light pink hue. Dior says this will give you a better application of any lip product afterwards making them look better and last much longer.


It’s the first lip scrub that acts as lip balm and scrub in one, exfoliating your lips with ultra-fine crystals of sugar and giving you a sweet taste as well. Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub has a new and unique formula that instantly melts on your lips, leaving them smooth and soft with a well hydrated sensation. Your lips will appear plumped and more voluminous, while they will be ready for the next step, which can be an intense colour or the super glossy finish of a lip gloss.

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