To find out what Duty Free and luxury boutiques are on offer to travellers from Duty Free Americas along the route of your next trip please visit the home page of Duty Free Hunter and enter in the details of your journey – its as simple as that!

Duty Free Americas is the preeminent duty free retailer in the western hemisphere. DFA offers a wide selection of fragrances, elegant dress and casual watches, gifts, jewelry and travel-related merchandise from the highest quality brand names, as well as items that typically incur significant duties and taxes, such as liquor and tobacco.

On October 11, 2001, the company was acquired by Simon Falic, Jerome Falic and Leon Falic. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, Duty Free Americas reaches millions of travelers every day with its vast product assortment. Throughout its history, Duty Free Americas has been committed to offering a wide variety of retail formats to appeal to the personal needs and tastes of vacationers and business travelers.

Duty Free Americas consists of several operating divisions. These divisions include: Corporate, Airports, Northern Border, Southern Border, and Distribution Centers. This organizational structure permits us to focus our resources on the unique opportunities and requirements of each market. It also allows us to maintain market-specific identities and quickly take advantage of every opportunity for expansion as it occurs. Each division has a separate and distinct mission to provide a meaningful contribution to Duty Free America’s overall success.


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About Duty Free Hunter:

  • Duty Free Hunter is a truly ground-breaking service for travellers looking to do their duty free shopping at airports and in-flight. For the first time we have married global air schedules against the most comprehensive list of duty free and other airport stores providing a one-stop place for travellers to plan and prepare their duty free shopping journey.
  • Clearly having the most accurate and up to date information on the airlines and airports that transport passengers is essential. To this end we have partnered with the world’s leading flight schedule authority, Innovata, to ensure we know exactly who flies where.
  • Equally important is the database of stores operating inside each terminal at every airport. Here our own specialist database of the duty free and travel retail industry, The Decision Makers, has led the way. Alma Media, owner of Duty Free Hunter, has been at the heart of the duty free business for over 25 years and taking that knowledge has created a global registry of the shops and retailers who are serving travellers in the ground and in the air as they travel.
  • Our aim is to keep this database as up to date as possible so if you spot something that is missing or incorrect please let us know via our contact form.