Our aim with Duty Free Hunter from the very beginning has been to create a ‘Global Hub for the Global Shopper’. Whilst we believe we are well on the way to achieving this aim we know that new initiatives and constant development are key to keeping you, our audience of travellers, well informed and engaged. So, we are pleased to announce three new developments which you will get to enjoy over the next few weeks:

Firstly, language: our remit is global and obviously not everyone in the world speaks English. Duty Free Hunter is now being used on a daily basis by travellers in 188 countries and to help as many travellers become shoppers as possible we will be introducing Duty Free Hunter websites (for desktop and mobile) in a host of languages – from late July onwards we will roll out Duty Free Hunter in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish and Japanese.

Secondly, mobile devices: its no secret that smartphone and tablet use by on-the-go consumers is growing very quickly. Accordingly, the main search pages of the Duty Free Hunter website have recently been redesigned to be more responsive and easier to use on mobile devices. So when you have a spare five minutes during your commute, waiting to pick up the kids, or stuck at an airport you can get planning that duty free shopping spree. Google has recently ranked our mobile editions as ‘Awesome’. In addition we are developing an app but we will share more news on that with you at a later date.

Finally, our blog has been gathering a tremendous following around the world fuelled by a great community of ‘global shoppers’ and our followers on social media. With visits, views, likes, follows, tweets and shares hitting new levels every day we plan to further develop this part of the Duty Free Hunter service for you. Get ready for guest bloggers, competitions, more product and stores news and lots more. The promotions tracker on Duty Free Hunter is proving a big hit too – we are encouraging more airport (and airline) travel retailers to share their promotions and events with our followers each day.

Finally (again), thank you for your loyal support during the first months of Duty Free Hunter’s life – keep spreading the word to your friends and family!

If you have any questions about Hunter please get in touch via our contact page