User numbers and traffic levels hit new highs on Duty Free Hunter as travellers flock to the platform begin their travel retail journey at home.

We are delighted to report that in the last 30 days all data for our website users, sessions, page views, ad impressions, CTR (and more) have hit new highs. With many travellers now going online in advance of their journeys to research and plan their duty-free and travel retail shopping, Duty Free Hunter is fast becoming the place to start.

This upward trend is a direct result of our new look, mobile-first website – and the ‘word of mouth’ recommendations being shared by travellers around the world via social media. DFH is a very simple and quick way for travellers to find out what and where to shop along the whole of their next journey. In just a couple of clicks, the traveller can become a shopper, connecting directly to the online stores of duty-free and luxury retailers that the user is due to pass by on their next trip.

Snapshot data from Google Analytics – Duty Free Hunter (last 30 days):



Social media following: Facebook / Instagram – +40,000; Twitter – +7,500; also on vk, weibo and others


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