This first campaign is designed to engage travellers via print and online media at the very time they are planning their shopping ahead of their journey – see more below…

Duty Free Hunter has unveiled its first global advertising campaign aimed at travelling consumers. The campaign will target travellers before they fly – over 80% of travellers now seek information about the shopping available to them along their whole route before they travel, and DFH has become the number one resource for this information.

Every day DFH is already helping in excess of 12,000 individual travellers (projected to be over 4m passengers per year) to match their journey to the shopping along their whole route – this includes duty-free stores but also luxury and speciality boutiques at departure points – inflight and onboard shopping via airlines – and arrivals duty-free shopping too. DFH connects these travellers directly to the online presence of the world’s top brands and retailers.

In addition, via its website and social media channels Duty Free Hunter delivers a carefully curated stream of news and opinions on the latest product launches across all categories, as well as news on promotions, store openings and much more. Keeping the global shopper informed and excited about their travel retail plans.

Several major brands and retailers are already partnering with Duty Free Hunter on both editorial and advertising initiatives including ARI, Dubai Duty Free, World Duty Free, Coty, Montblanc, Furla, Clarins and more.

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The campaign images seek to connect the products most sought after in duty-free and airport stores (must have makeup, fashion and accessories, fine wines and spirits, designer watches and the latest gadgets) with the journey from desktop and mobile research to airport or airline purchase. See more campaign images below:

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