Capi have launched the game-changing Dyson Supersonic hairdryer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

With its experience in high-standing technology, Dyson created a revolutionary hairdryer. The touch & feel presentation Capi and Dyson co-created was immediately a large success. Travellers are very excited to fully discover and experience this exciting innovation.

The Supersonic has been introduced in the Capi stores at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with a presentation in the What’s New? showcase, on the Personal Care table and with an in-depth training for Capi’s sales staff. This introduction has proven to be an immediate success and sales far exceeded expectations. Travellers are extremely excited to buy this premium, high-quality hairdryer, priced at €399. This shows the perfect fit between Dyson’s innovative character and Capi’s customers searching for exceptional propositions.

An airport is an inspiring place to be, which creates a different mindset of travellers and therefore leads to different buying behaviour. Capi received many positive reactions from travellers about this promotion. From business travellers who found the perfect gift to bring home after their business trip to leisure travellers who first discovered the price and who were then amazed by the design and quality.

Peter Wiggers, Managing Director of Royal Capi-Lux, indicates: “In close collaboration with our suppliers, we always search for the most surprising innovations to provide travellers with an exciting shopping experience. Just like we do with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Travellers can try out this beautytronics innovation in our stores and discover its benefits. This confirms our role as innovative airport retailer of consumer electronics.”

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