Eden Mill unveils travel exclusive Passionfruit and Coconut Gin with World Duty Free

Eden Mill unveils travel exclusive Passionfruit and Coconut Gin with World Duty Free

Scottish distillery Eden Mill has launched a travel retail-exclusive Passionfruit and Coconut Gin in World Duty Free stores at UK airports.

Exclusive to World Duty Free, Passionfruit & Coconut Gin (500ml, RRP £20/US$26.20) is described as having notes of passion fruit, apricot and toasted coconut on the nose.

“We are excited to re-establish a presence in the travel retail market, in response to growing demand for Eden Mill on a global level,” said Eden Mill co-founder Paul Miller.

“Eden Mill’s return to the duty-free market demonstrates that our range has the versatility to appeal to a broad range of gin purchasers, from traditional premier G&T drinkers, to novice gin consumers, to gift buyers.”

Eden Mill Original Gin (RRP £26.50/US$34.72 per 700ml) and a Eden Mill Golf Gin gift set (RRP £33/US$44.23) will also be available in World Duty Free in limited quantities. Eden Mill Original Gin is made from Fife’s sea buckthorn berries, a ‘super food’ that grows within walking distance of the St Andrews-based distillery. The gift set includes a 500ml bottle of Golf Gin and two branded tulip glasses.

The limited edition products will be stocked in World Duty Free stores in airports including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick.

Kathryn Kindness, commercial category manager at World Duty Free, said: “Gin has proved to be an ever-popular duty-free item that travellers often seek as the perfect present or keepsake to bring back from their travels. With so many options, flavours and enticing bottle designs, it’s no wonder that this sector continues to expand.”


Eden Mill at Duty Free, Glasgow

Spirit in the sky… well, almost ✈️ For the next four weeks, we’ll be in Duty Free at Glasgow Airport, where you can pick up our duty free exclusive Passionfruit & Coconut Gin. It’s literally flying off the shelves 🍸😀

Posted by Eden Mill on Thursday, 11 April 2019

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