Fendi creates a limited edition scented Baguette bag

Fendi creates a limited edition scented Baguette bag

The Nano Baguette is much more than an accessory: it has grown into an immersive experience that explores the senses of touch, sight and smell.

The innovative concept is multi-sensory, explained Fendi, where the special ‘FendiFrenesia’ fragrant blend has been made a “three-dimensional distinctive creation where touch, smell and sight take on all new meanings” as the fragrance has been influenced directly into the leather of the iconic Baguette bag.

“Fendi has always been experimenting, especially on accessories and with a bag like the Baguette, which was conceived as a manifesto of individuality, the first accessory to have its own name,” explained Fendi creative director, Silvia Venturini Fendi. “The idea of having also a scent dedicated to this bag would make it even more special and unique. A bag is something so feminine, like the best friend of a woman, she holds all her life in it, her secrets. And a fragrance is something that is really one of the most personal things for a woman.”

What does the bag itself smell like? Well, according to the perfumer it is a “gender fluid” eau de parfum with “leathery and musky notes” that reflect the “nobility and fluidity” of the leather used for the Baguette bag, and the patent technology used means that the scent will last for up to three years.

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, added: “Out of love for fine craftsmanship and for my profession, I modernised a technique invented by 12th-century master glove maker-perfumers, successfully bringing it back to life.

“Today, this technique strikes a special cord with Fendi, thanks to a collaboration which has led us to join forces around shared values and a common aesthetic.”

To showcase the innovative fragrance-infused creation, Fendi introduced the new Scented Baguette and Nano Baguette bags in the luxury label’s iconic yellow hue. Each of the bags also houses a 5ml bottle of ‘FendiFrenesia’, which the Italian brand states can be “worn on the skin or vaporised on a card subtly hidden inside the bags to restore and enhance all the lightness of its olfactory shine”.

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