Ferragamo portrays a new poetic journey deep into the soul of the Ferragamo woman and man. Within the cosy confines of their homes, Natalia Vodianova and Luca Lemaire embody the essence of Maximilian Davis’ aesthetic, captured through the lens of Italian photographer Vanina Sorrenti.

The narrative unfolds as a captivating blend of imagination and reality, featuring a woman and a man in Ferragamo clothes and accessories, cocooned within the familiarity of their home. Each frame exudes a sense of comfort, confidence, and self-awareness within the tranquility of their personal space.​

The new campaign establishes a rarified and abstract dialogue that pays homage to Ferragamo’s Italian tradition and heritage. Maximilian Davis artfully combines his own influences with the House’s legacy, incorporating intermittent glimpses of Florence in an intimate conversation around timeless elegance and contemporary ease.​