Heinemann duty free stores in Germany are hosting the worldwide premiere of the new Hugo Boss fragrance, Boss The Scent for Her – a female edition of last years Boss The Scent…

Heinemann Duty Free became the first shop last year to debut the new Hugo Boss fragrance fronted by Theo James, “Boss The Scent”. This year, it introduces the feminine spin on the same fragrance, appropriately titled “Boss The Scent For HER”, which will be fronted by supermodel Anna Ewers, accompanied by Theo James. The campaign is expected to be revealed globally on August 1, 2016.

Heinemann has already updated their website with a very prominent banner announcing the “WORLDWIDE PREMIERE” of the fragrance.

Described as “the new seductive perfume for women. An irresistible fragrance, unforgettable like a savoured seduction. The fragrance exudes a sublime feminine elegance, warmth and seductiveness that unfolds gradually over time.”

In the Top note, the fruity and floral Honeyed Peach and Freesia meet in an exquisite, head-turning combination. In the Heart note, the oriental flower Osmanthus start to reveal itself. It connects the top and base notes to one another; the initially light, delicate allure evolving into a darker, heady quality.

In the Base note, the fragrance unleashes an irresistibly rich base note of Roasted Cocoa. An enigmatic element with strong hidden qualities, it offers an addictive boost that arouses the senses.

Boss The Scent for Her is available as a 30ml EDP, 50ml EDP and 100ml EDP.