Arrive immaculate with the new Dior FIX IT concealer

Arrive immaculate with the new Dior FIX IT concealer

1 stick, 2 textures, 3 application areas. Inspired by Backstage make-up techniques, Dior invents its first multi-purpose concealer.

Used as a skin perfecter in your make-up routine or for touch-ups, FIX IT conceals facial blemishes, helps erase under-eye circles and dark areas, and primes the lips before applying lipstick.

With targeted application on the face, FIX IT fills pores, erases fine lines and corrects pigment imperfections for a flawlessly even complexion.

Applied around the eye, FIX IT helps erase dark circles and smooths skin texture for more restful-looking eyes.

In touches on the lips, FIX IT evens out colour and fills grooves for optimal lipstick hold and colour impact.

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