FIRST LOOK: Jameson Crested Irish whiskey set for global launch

FIRST LOOK: Jameson Crested Irish whiskey set for global launch

Irish Distillers is set to launch a new no-age-statement Jameson Irish whiskey expression made from a blend of pot still and grain whiskeys.

Jameson Crested is triple-distilled and matured in a “high proportion” of Sherry casks, in addition to Bourbon barrels.

The nose is described as “vivid” Sherry and pot still aromas, leading to tastes of toasted wood, spice, chocolate and Sherry on the palate.

“The international launch of Jameson Crested is an exciting step as we celebrate the story of the first Jameson whiskey bottled at the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin,” commented Daniel Lundberg, global brand director for Jameson.

“Jameson Crested has played a key role in the dynamic history of Jameson and by bringing this expression to an international audience we aim to excite consumers the world over who are looking for Irish whiskeys rich in heritage and personality.

“As with all our award-winning whiskeys, exceptional flavour comes hand-in-hand with remarkable stories; Jameson Crested is no exception, offering a new taste experience from the world’s favourite Irish whiskey brand whilst retaining the recognisable smoothness that is distinctly Jameson.”

Jameson Crested is bottled at 40% abv and will be available to purchase globally from April 2016.


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