True to its innovative spirit, Mandarina Duck introduces a new fragrance for men, one which responds to the brand’s constant desire to go further:

MANDARINA DUCK M+. A new duo fragrance concept: One standard size bottle, always accompanied by a smaller bottle. One fragrance to keep at home while the other accompanies the owner when he travels, goes to the gym or to the office.

Mandarina Duck explains that “M+ is designed for the man who strives for success in everything he does. Like the brand, he is original, competitive and daring, always ready to tackle new challenges, to go further, and take a chance on something new. MANDARINA DUCK M+ is his ally and offers him more:

– More differentiation by presenting the fragrance in the new duo format.
– More formats: 100 ml + 30 ml / 50 ml + 30 ml / 30ml + 10 ml. Three x two bottle packs.
– More occasions for use. One fragrance that travels, another that stays at home.

MANDARINA DUCK M+ is inspired by the design of the successful Tank range launched by Mandarina Duck in 1980. With a minimalist design featuring striated, flexible pieces that protect and embellish bags and suitcases, Tank is one of Mandarina Duck’s biggest success stories; the perfect collection for a man who intends to succeed.

The Bottle:

A transparent glass bottle which reveals the grey fragrance inside. Almost square, it is larger at the top and bottom where the glass is striated to mimic the decoration on the suitcases in the Tank series. Between these areas, the plain glass serves as a background for the graphics which announce the name of this fragrance: a large black M and a plus (+) sign in the eye-catching yellow that identifies the brand. The matte aluminum cap has two decorative striations at the top and bottom, and M+ is embossed in low relief on the top. The inside holds a surprise, proof of the importance that this brand attaches to design: it has a yellow lining that sets off the shiny black spray applicator.

The Packaging:

A horizontal box in matte grey, embellished with lighter grey horizontal lines grouped in two bands, one at the top and the other at the bottom. On the centre front, the box is emblazoned with the shiny black M and yellow plus sign above the brand name. The duck logo in grey appears in a small black square between the words Mandarina Duck.

The back of the box features photographs of the two different-sized bottles that it contains, joined by the yellow plus sign. Alongside the larger bottle, a black square containing a white house symbol; alongside the small bottle, the same square but this time displaying an aeroplane. One fragrance that stays at home and another that travels.

The top and base of the box are black. The top has Mandarina Duck written in grey and the bottom lists the ingredients and the fragrance bar code. The light grey striped bands continue around the sides of the box and there is a different graphic on each side of the box: one side is printed with half of the M and the other with the remaining half and the plus sign in yellow.

Available packs: 30 ml+10 ml / 50 ml+30 ml / 100 ml+30 ml

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