First Look: The beauty of Hermès begins with the lips

First Look: The beauty of Hermès begins with the lips

Hermès launches into beauty with a new lipstick line.

For the first time in its 183-year history, Hermès is dipping its toes into the beauty world with a line of lipsticks. Titled Rouge Hermès, the collection of 24 colours draws from the label’s archive of 75,000 silk swatches and 900 leather shades. Meanwhile, the packaging is made from the same metals Hermès uses for handbag hardware. Naturally, this makes the lipsticks a bit expensive. They’ll retail for $67 each, but refills will be available for $42.

“We wanted to do refillable so we could use more luxurious materials that had their own value,” says Pierre Hardy, creative director of jewelry and shoes, who designed the packaging. “The idea is a form that’s both simple and playful enough to allow it to be done and redone ad infinitum. It’s rare for an artistic director to think about packaging over a long period of time and not just a one-off.”

Rouge Hermès has been in development for two years, but it is only the beginning of the brand’s foray into beauty. Going forward, Hermès will launch a new cosmetics category roughly every six months (it did not confirm any hard dates). Eventually, a skin care line will also be produced.

Rouge Hermès will be available in select boutiques, online, and selected duty free stores from March 2020.

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