Furla celebrates with Bubble of Time collection

Furla celebrates with Bubble of Time collection

Furla’s FW 17 Collection celebrates the company’s 90th anniversary with the “Bubble of Time” concept that sees handbag styles and shapes corresponding to the nine different decades since it was established in 1927. In addition, nine new iconic models have been introduced; one for each decade.

Each decade interprets the Furla woman and the various personalities she develops through life, paying attention to the important elements of each era.

The colour palette combines strong new shades of Gallo,Tempesta, Amarena and Argilla with carry over colours that range from Ruby, Rosa, Avio Scuro, Navy and Glace brights to more muted Magnolia, Moonstone, Marmot, Creta, Acero, Kaki, Salvia, Petalo and Sabbia.

1920s: The arty woman, sophisticated with a classy fashion sense, bringing to mind the Charleston years, the romanticism of the Great Gatsby; the era of art and the modernism prelude of the 1900s.

SNAP line – A new clutch offer, Snap represents a modern interpretation of the 1920s featuring a tortoise pattern resin on the closure system and a leather or optional printed satin fabric and bows shoulder strap (latter sold separately). Unlined construction with double compartments and an internal pocket, the bag is available as a mini, small or medium size in calf leather.

1930s: An independent woman, determined, pioneer of the modern business woman. She adores practicality and functionality in the years known for Jazz music and the irresistible look of Marlene Dietrich

LIKE line – Multi-functional and practical, this new top handle becomes a double-handled tote by putting the flap inside the bag. Perfect for a business woman who needs to carry documents in a fashionable way, this ares calf leather and hercules soft grain calfskin or leopard printed goatskin bag comes in various colour block combinations, metallic and animal animations. Available in different sizes, this bag is perfect for the travelling business woman.

1940s. The aviator girl, with a femininity that recalls the 1940s; the decade of swing, upbeat music and dancing, rejoicing at the end of the war .

SCOOP is a military inspired shoulder bag; an innovative and impactful line thanks to its luxurious look, enriched by a new iconic snap-hook closure system and contrasting metallic details, Highlight is its reversible functionality. The reversible flap, detachable shoulder strap and automatic buttons on the inside of the two compartments enables the bag to take on a whole new look in just a couple of minutes.

Options include enriched animations in printed Python, laminated goatskin and patchwork.

1950s: The biker woman, strong and free. The era of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis, the Grease generation and the explosion of well-being after the war.

BLOGGER – a bowling bag with a sporty sophisticated feeling, offered in an interesting choice of smooth and grainy leather in colour-block combinations with a micro-suede lining. Interchangeable sides, using a snap-hook, enables the bag to be worn as a hobo – another masterpiece of design innovation.

1960s: The college girl, preppy, school uniform looks; the woman who loves to study and at the same time embraces the craze of the period – The Beatles, the elegance of fashion models

SELFIE is a frame bag embracing the 1960s college lifestyle, providing a contemporary twist by the use of smooth and opaque materials, and a squared geometrical design. Available in vit fleu soft vegetal calf leather, python printed calfskin, and patchwork variations in popstar calfskin and python printed calfskin, Selfie has a modern squared frame closure with metallic hardware on the top with logo. Special patch animations are also offered. ,

1970s: The woman who becomes even more independent, searching for the total freedom of a new culture; flower-power, Studio 54, disco music and dancing under the stars.

CAOS line is a young and playful style which will stand out on shelf. In soft eco fur with a light-weight construction, the bag has a tuck closure system and comes in an outstanding colour palette. With an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, leather drawstring, internal zip pocket and micro-suede lining, this bag is competitively priced.

1980s: The rebel woman; metropolitan, riding the punk wave where fashion is expressed through a provocative twist.

HASHTAG line – The Saddle bag silhouette returns once again in the Furla collection with a new impressive style: renewed by the introduction of a new statement buckle on the front. This trendy and spacious bag has a magnetic button hidden closure system, and interchangeable leather shoulder strap which can be worn in different ways.

1990s. The sporty woman; who is confident and loves to have fun, against a background of hip hop, funk and a little gangster style – with an eye towards the sparkling of a new generation of luxury

MEME line – A new offer of soft leather handbags, featuring a striped motif on the front which evokes the 90s sporty generation. The top zip allows easy entrance; perfect for everyday use. In Colorblock combinations and a mixture of textured materials with contrast stitching, the bag has an adjustable detachable shoulder strap,

2000s: The new millennium woman, who loves technology, is constantly connected to the world and always looking towards the future, with her robot lucky charm.

DAFNE AVATAR line – An evolution of the Dafne backpack, utterly functional, quintessentially modern, with stunning Butterfly, patch and stud applications. Handles and shoulder straps are in black ribbon and adjustable thanks to metallic buckles, while the backpack easily transforms into a hobo.

Alongside the Mood concept, the FW17 collection also features a new basic line – PIN, a tote line featuring a double compartment construction with a zip pocket in the middle. The bigger size is characterised by shoulder handles, whereas the small size is a short handle tote with shoulder strap. This square modern design is soft, small grain leather has an internal zip pocket, Furla light gold lettering and gros grain lining.

Carry-overs see new seasonal colours and colour block variations for many styles, while perennial favourites such as Candy now includes a new Tweet line featuring funny animals with eyes and fur applications.

Seasonal best seller Metropolis offers new styles of tote in seasonal colours along with Bolero, Doodle and Post animations that include butterfly, animal and sporty lifestyle themes with Furla patch personalisation.

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