Furla lands new boutique at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Furla lands new boutique at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Furla has partnered with duty-free retailer Orient Kingpower for the opening of a new 28.5sqm brand boutique in Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 2.

The Italian fashion brand opened its latest airport store on the 28th of December 2017, with a full selection of the new Furla Cruise 2018 collection of handbags and accessories.

The Furla Cruise 2018 collection has been introduced via a campaign called “The Furla Society” – the campaign reimagines handbags from the line as human characters in a swanky bar setting.

Much like the designer’s consumer base, the characters’ personalities reflect the bags, from bold and colourful to serene and beautiful. Shot by video director (and frequent Prada collaborator) Ujin Lin and still-life photographer Nico Bustos (known for work with Givenchy, Nina Ricci and Lancome), the campaign will launched in November and runs into the early months of 2018.

“The campaign is the first to reflect the brand’s new business strategy and direction, which is focused on affirming Furla’s position as the primary Italian accessories brand through consumer engagement and a consistent, fun and engaging tone of voice,” notes Alberto Camerlengo, Furla’s Chief Executive Officer.

See more on the collection here:

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