Energetic is the first word that comes to mind when describing Nicole Rossi. The up-and-coming actress from Rome is working with Furla to launch the Nuvola, the standout bag from the Italian brand’s spring/summer 2024 collection.

‘I use make-up, hairstyles and accessories to give my looks a bit of personality,’ explains Rossi. ‘I like bold colours – red in particular is a shade I keep coming back to. My whole Instagram bio is dedicated to this colour, and I’ve described myself there as “una persona estrema (mente) pe(n) sante” – an extreme person with heavy thoughts.’

Handbags are an important part of Rossi’s signature style, and both she and Furla agree the beauty of a bag is born from lightness – the lightness of materials, and the luminosity created by contrasting shades and metallics. ‘I’m always on the go, so I find it helpful to carry everything I might need with me. I almost never throw anything away’, says Rossi, laughing. She goes on to say that her ideal bag is one that has room for everything – even things she ‘can’t bring [herself] to leave behind’, like a key that’s been her lucky charm for years. ‘Beauty,’ she tells us, ‘lies in not making things heavier than they are. I do a job I love and I’m learning to take it more lightly.’

Nicole turns 24 at the end of March. She has already starred in two reality shows, plus the successful SKAM Italia Netflix series that has made her one of Italy’s brightest new stars. She’s also a passionate activist, campaigning for the rights of children and young people by taking to the streets and social media.

Like Rossi, the new Furla Nuvola bag personifies a free-spirit. With its spring/summer 2024 collection, the brand is continuing its pursuit of beauty and the use of contours to symbolise new directions. The bags in the new collection feature soft forms that alternate geometric silhouettes and innovative structures in a perfectly balanced way. Nuvola, too, has a totally original form and is embellished with the new ‘Arcosfera’ hardware – a modern, geometric interpretation of Furla’s classic arch logo, customised with a sphere – a motif cherished by the fashion house.

Chic and super-versatile, the Nuvola represents Furla’s new aesthetic, which combines beauty and lightness with balance and freedom. Throughout Furla’s spring/summer 2024 collection, elegance and practicality are also given plenty of emphasis. The new models pick up on this season’s trends, from the Furla Giove bucket bag in Raffia to the soft braided volumes of the Furla Gerla, highlighting the brand’s exceptional approach to choosing materials and its impeccable artisanal skill.

The Flow, Unica, Club and Metropolis Remix models complete the Nuvola collection. The colour palette is based on botanical-inspired combinations – artemisia violet, almond brown, nectar yellow, sage and ivy green, corolla pink and wheat beige – complementing the classic nuances of black, white, Mediterranean blue and the most delicate greige. The collection is a tribute to the natural scenery of Italy, in its colours and fragrances, to the rediscovery, once again, of an all-Italian savoir faire and accurate workmanship.