To celebrate the launch of its new Perpetual Collection exclusive to Global Travel Retail, Glenfiddich is launching its first in-person experience at major airports around the world.

The Perpetual Collection is a range of four whiskies in perpetual motion, within Vats that have never been emptied. Using Glenfiddich’s pioneering Solera Vat process, each successive Vat fill is like a new generation of whisky building on the past, ever increasing in character, dimension and complexity, giving consumers a unique experience with every sip. A whisky that never sits still.

Global travellers are invited to step inside Glenfiddich’s Perpetual Collection immersive pop-up and dive into an enriching experience. A chance to stop, relax and explore the four-piece collection, elevating their knowledge of the whiskies and enjoying a moment of pause away from the airports’ hustle and bustle.

As each guest enters and travels through the space, their movement is captured by motion-sensors and projected in waves of colour onto a digital screen. In this way, they participate in a unique piece of constantly evolving generative art, mimicking the pioneering Solera Vat process by which the whisky is made.

Guided by a Brand Ambassador at the tasting bar, curious travellers can then uncover the four expressions in a tasting ritual. Here they can be matched with their favourite expression, providing a truly personalised memento from their travels.

For those looking for the perfect gift, the personalised gifting service allows the consumer to record or write a memorable message which is added to their chosen bottle via a QR code.

Designed with travellers in mind, each expression takes imbibers on a different journey with its unique flavour pattern:

● Vat 01 (ABV 40%) – Elegant and smooth, this expression uniquely layers sweet and spicy notes, with hints of creamy vanilla and subtle oak, for a soft and mellow taste with added depth due to its maturation in bourbon & red wine casks.

Vat 02 (ABV 43%) – Mellow yet complex, with hints of rich fruit and subtle spice. Double matured in oak and Spanish sherry casks, this rich single malt delivers a deliciously smooth taste.

● Vat 03 (ABV 50.2% – non-chill filtered) – Elevated over 15 years of maturation in European oak sherry and ex-bourbon casks, this full-bodied whisky harmoniously combines warm notes of spice with hints of nutty marzipan and dark sherry oak. A satisfyingly rich and sweet Glenfiddich.

● VAT 04 (ABV 47.8% – non-chill filtered) – Warming and refined. Patiently aged in Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks for 18 years, VAT 4 delivers a deep, rich aroma of robust oak, ripe orchard fruit and baked apple. A luxuriously fruity and exceptionally rewarding Glenfiddich.

Lindsay Hitzeroth, Head of Customer Marketing Global Travel Retail at William Grant & Sons, comments: “The time spent at the airport is that exciting moment where the adventure starts; and so we wanted to give those flying something special to enhance their experience and remind them of their travels. The Perpetual Collection offers travellers a unique moment of enjoyment to capture their life that never stands still.”

The Glenfiddich pop-up experiences will be live at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport (1st – 31st October), Singapore’s Changi Airport (27th September to 31st October) and Miami’s International Airport (8th December – 5th January), to name a few.

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