William Grant & Sons is live with a series of airport activations at Dubai Airport, to celebrate its Glenfiddich Time Re:Imagined collection of aged and exclusive single malt whiskies.

Dubai International Airport will host two events: one installation in Departures T3 CB, from 2nd-16th January 2024, and one in Departures T3 CA, from 2nd-30th January.

Representing the pinnacle of Glenfiddich’s signature distillery style, the Time Re:Imagined collection comprises the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old, 40 Year Old and 30 Year old – each of which captures a unique moment in time. These three extraordinary single malt whiskies have matured over decades, developing an unrivalled richness and depth of flavour. Each whisky is presented within a distinctive casing of bespoke artwork, designed to visually deconstruct and bring to life these unique articulations of time.


The installations will offer travellers the chance to explore this exceptional high-end range, discover the aromas of each composition, and learn more about the concept behind their liquid and packaging.

The Dubai T3 CB activation incorporates eye-catching ‘fragments of time’ shard sculptures, mirroring the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old packaging which was designed by artist and architect Manuel Jiménez García, based on fifty years of meteorological data from the distillery.

Each whisky in the collection is highlighted via its own dedicated illuminated showcase, and explored through a liquid storytelling area with interactive touchscreens, product cards and aroma atomisers that release the scents of each expressions key flavour notes.

Specialist Brand Ambassadors will guide visitors through the Time Re:Imagined experience, and help them to select their perfect whisky. Passengers who purchase the Glenfiddich 30 Year Old will receive a complimentary ‘time traveller’ giftbox, both convenient to carry the bottle in during travel and perfect for gifting.

In addition to Time Re:Imagined, both Dubai activations will feature the full Glenfiddich Perpetual and Grand collections.

“We are excited about this collaboration, which is one of the first activations that we will have in 2024. These two reimagined experiential activations, which showcase Glenfiddich’s signature whiskies, will surely entice our customers; they are a proven testament to our long-standing partnership with William Grant & Sons” said Sharon Beecham, Senior Vice President for Purchasing of Dubai Duty Free.

David Wilson, Managing Director for William Grant & Sons GTR, noted that he and his team were delighted to collaborate with Dubai Duty Free, commenting: “This is a collection of exceptional whiskies, designed to encapsulate fleeting moments in time that our luxury travellers can savour and enjoy.

We are confident that these immersive, experiential activations, such as The Glenfiddich Time reimagined range, will create even more interest in the luxury single malt category, driving commercial success for our retail partners.”


⦁ 50 Year Old
The Glenfiddich 50 Year Old, is the work of 3 generations of Glenfiddich Malt Masters. The result of a unique maturation in Glenfiddich’s micro climate and the simultaneous influence of temperature, air pressure and humidity. Impossible to ever replicate.

⦁ 40 Year Old
The Glenfiddich 40 Year Old is a bold, maverick representation of remnant vatting, a pioneering process where the remnants of the previous batch are carried over each time, and married with the casks selected for each subsequent release. Glenfiddich is the only distillery that uses the remnant vatting process, and this accumulation of flavours over time adds complexity to the taste.

⦁ 30 Year Old
The Glenfiddich 30 Year Old depicts the moment when Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, suspends the whisky’s maturation to bottle it, capturing the whisky at the precise moment in time, a perfect expression, preserved for all eternity.