Comprising of just 1,000 bottles globally, the new Travel Retail release is superbly complex.

Rich and deliciously decadent, Glenmorangie Pommard Cask Finish is the result of one of Glenmorangie’s first experiments with prestigious Pommard red wine casks. Inspired by the intense, fruity wines which emerge from that renowned appellation in Burgundy, France, this 25-year-old single malt is contained within just 1,000 bottles globally. It is now available exclusively at Glenmorangie’s newly opened boutique at Heathrow Airport Terminal Two, where consumers can enjoy a range of whisky experiences including food pairings, mixology and tastings.

Described as one of the most delicious wine-cask finishes ever to emerge from Glenmorangie, this precious single malt marries opulent aromas of lemon sherbet, plums and cherries, with tastes of red apples, ginger and honey-coated cashews, for extraordinary complexity.

Glenmorangie’s whisky creators are endlessly imaginative on their mission to dream up delicious new whiskies. They craft their more delicate, fruity spirit in stills as tall as a giraffe to allow more space for taste and aroma. Then they age it in the world’s finest casks. A wine lover himself, Dr Bill, Director of Whisky Creation, had always adored the classic fruit flavours of Pommard’s renowned red wines. The appellation in Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune takes its name from Pomona, the Roman goddess of abundance, known for protecting and cultivating fruit trees, just as Dr Bill nurtures his whisky stocks. And, fascinated to see how Pommard casks might shape Glenmorangie’s whisky, he began experimenting with that French oak many years ago.

As part of those experiments, he selected a smooth, soft Glenmorangie, aged more than 10 years in bourbon casks. Imagining a particularly rich, full-bodied whisky, he transferred it into Pommard casks for an exceptionally long finish. When he tasted the whisky years later, he was astounded by its complexity. Balancing the French oak’s power with classic burgundy cask notes of blueberry, redcurrant, leather and chocolate, this 25-year-old single malt is considered by Dr Bill to be one of Glenmorangie’s most delectable wine-cask finishes. It is contained within a stunning oak presentation box, decorated with illustrations of vines which come together in a depiction of Pomona herself.

Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Whisky Creation at Glenmorangie said: “The red wines of Pommard are among my very favourite wines in the world. And hoping to bring their classic, fruity red burgundy notes to Glenmorangie, I first started experimenting with Pommard wine casks around 2008. Created from a small number of casks, and with just 1,000 bottles available, Glenmorangie Pommard Cask Finish is truly one of the most fabulous and delicious wine-cask finishes ever to emerge from Glenmorangie.

“When I first tasted it, I could hardly believe its complexity. The aroma is very perfumed, with notes of lemon sherbet, plums, cherries and honey. The taste is like a basket of fruits: red, juicy apples, honeydew melon, crystallized ginger and a hint of milk chocolate. This is a delectable whisky that I’m sure global travellers will savour and enjoy.”

The Glenmorangie Boutique at Heathrow T2 opened in October 2023 providing an opportunity for travellers to be immersed in Glenmorangie’s delicious and wonderful world and explore an array of signature and highly exclusive single malts from the Highland distillery. Whisky lovers can find Glenmorangie Pommard Cask Finish there now before it becomes available in other select travel retail outlets later this year.