Glenmorangie distillery has replaced its flagship expression, The Original, with a 12-year-old whisky.

The 12-year-old expression will replace The Original 10-year-old signature single malt, which was introduced in the 1960s with roots going back more than 175 years.

After conducting experiments, the Glenmorangie whisky creation team, led by Dr Bill Lumsden, determined that the two additional years led to a ‘silkier and creamier’ flavour profile with a ‘swirling kaleidoscope of taste’ compared with the 10-year-old.

“In 1984, when I was studying in Edinburgh for my PhD, I tasted single malt Scotch whisky for the very first time,” reminisced Dr Lumsden, director of whisky creation at Glenmorangie. “That whisky was Glenmorangie. I’ll never forget my first magical sip and how I became beguiled by its complex range of flavours.

“During my many years at Glenmorangie, I have always aimed to keep the whisky true to my memory of that first taste. However, my team and I recently started to wonder whether we could reimagine our flagship expression, The Original, for even more deliciousness.

“The result is The Original 12 Years Old. Smoother, creamier and even more complex – I like to think it ‘turns up the volume’ on our signature whisky’s classic notes of orange, vanilla, peach and honey.”


Bright Gold

Citrus and ripening peaches are balanced by vanilla softness.

Vanilla emerges, then gives way to a burst of flowery fruitiness.

The surprisingly lingering aftertaste, is bursting with almond, coconut, and a touch of maple syrup. Truly delicious!

The new expression is offered at 40% ABV with a suggested retail price of £40 (US$51).