The beauty of unfurling spring awakens new life into The Alchemist’s Garden collection with the new Eau de Parfum, Where My Heart Beats. An enchanting story of liberation, the scent is a blossoming bouquet that dances with butterflies and unveils itself layer by layer.

A symbol of freedom and creativity, as well as a signature Gucci emblem, the butterfly stamped onto the delicate white bottle is a winged wonder as whimsical and elegant as the fragrance’s peony blend. Gliding with grace through the clouds, its wings quiver like the fluttering of a human heartbeat experiencing the same liberating rush of freedom that the butterfly feels in flight.

As the first Gucci fragrance to be manufactured using alcohol made from 100% recycled carbon emissions, Where My Heart Beats joins the luxury collection blended by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas.

The Alchemist’s Garden Collection

A customizable collection of eaux de parfum, perfumed oils, and acque profumate (scented waters), The Alchemist’s Garden is inspired by the art of alchemy, with each scent built around a hero ingredient linked to the distinctive codes of the House. Bottling the essence of nature into sublime distillations, the customizable compositions are designed to be layered together, shifting and magnifying in character when paired with each other. The beauty of alchemy is in the transformation: layered scents that become new expressions of art and reveal the magic of unseen worlds.

The Alchemist’s Garden Where My Heart Beats Eau de Parfum

Hypnotizing as a dream, enduring as a memory, Where My Heart Beats expresses both levity and power, like the small but potent butterfly. This blend is captured in the Floral Rose fragrance, which highlights the enchantment of Peony through a chorus of White Peony Accord, Violet Leaves Accord, and White Musk.

Peony is a symbol of richness and honor. Airy and floral, its scent evokes rose and lily of the valley yet with a greener, fresher quality. Lifting the trail skyward is the Violet Leaves Accord. With a powdery, slightly sweet facet, the accord vibrates like the wings of the butterfly with a pure watery edge. Violet Leaves Accord is classic yet modern, exemplifying the spontaneity of nature. Leaving a long-lasting trail, the White Musk note in this fragrance is curated from high-quality molecules created by pioneers in the field after 80 years of research. It signs this creation and reinforces its rare character, with both crystalline and clean accents, bringing mellowness and comfort to the dry down of the fragrance.

A Sustainable Innovation

The Alchemist’s Garden new scent, Where My Heart Beats, is transforming the fragrance world as the first Gucci fragrance to be manufactured using alcohol made from 100% recycled carbon emissions. By adopting a novel carbon capture approach, carbon emissions from industry, which would typically be released into the atmosphere, are recycled and purified instead.  This alcohol creation process significantly helps to decrease water consumption and reduces the need for agricultural land compared to traditional methods of alcohol production.

The Packaging

Where My Heart Beats is encased in a lacquered white glass flacon, gilded with a decorative rose gold foliage loosely shaped like a heart. At the top of this pattern is the scent’s unique symbol – the bewitching butterfly – while a green bow is tied at its base. At its center, flourishing hold both the Gucci logo and the poetic name of the scent. The perfume is found nestled in an accented white box and presented within a delicate white pouch.

The Campaign

A story of alchemic magic prevails in a campaign captured by photographer Paulette Tavormina. Inspired by the opulence of 17th century still life images, the shots are imbued with richness, a feast of billowing flowers and ripe fruits. Nestled within it is The Alchemist’s Garden new Eau de Parfum. With an open cage of butterflies roaming free, and blousy bouquets unfurling, the floral beauty within the scent is evoked as a single butterfly perches delicately on its lid. In shots featuring the wider collection, a tiered glass stand sits atop a sumptuous banquet table surrounded by an abundance of love birds, clouds of petals, butterflies, and hourglasses that arouse the otherworldly elegance of these scents.