Discover Gucci’s newest on-the-go, Baume Nourrissant Universel and Brume De Beauté at Dubai Duty Free.

Gucci Baume Nourrissant Universel, Nourishing Balm

A multi-use, un-fragranced balm, Baume Nourrissant Universel nourishes the lips and helps reduce areas of dryness. Designed to soothe the skin in multiple ways, it is created with a caring formula filled with a highly concentrated blend of botanical oils, natural oils, and butter. With its nourishing properties, Shea Butter reduces the overall feeling of dryness, while Jojoba and Castor Oils are natural ingredients that smooth skin and provide an instant sensation of moisture. Meanwhile, the Black Rose Oil, infused with antioxidant benefits, soothes the skin before or after makeup application.

Gucci Beauty Mist

Brume De Beauté is a hybrid product formulated with soothing and protective ingredients, as well as hydrating properties of up to 48 hours. Helping to shield skin from pollution, it can be used to hydrate the face for a glowing skin finish – before, during, or post makeup wear. Black Rose Oil provides soothing and antioxidant properties, Hyaluronic Acid ensures hydration and a healthy-looking glow of skin, while a blend of film-former actives helps set makeup. From preparing the skin to perfecting and maintaining a fresh face throughout the day, Brume De Beauté is a multi-use beauty fix for all needs.