Guerlain launches Eau De Toilette edition of Mon Guerlain bestseller

Guerlain launches Eau De Toilette edition of Mon Guerlain bestseller

If you loved the warm, enveloping and intensely feminine original, wait until you try the Eau de Toilette.

Mon Guerlain launched with quite a splash last year. An intensely romantic scent that represented the facets of a woman, it also landed Angelina Jolie as the face of the fragrance.

Legendary perfumer Thierry Wasser, was the man behind the original Eau de Parfum. And now he has created an Eau de Toilette along with perfumer Delphine Jelk that retains its original purpose — acting as an ode to femininity.

“As I have often said, during my travels, I have been able to see that women are the backbone of society and the economy, and I am fascinated by their commitment on every front. With Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette, I am paying tribute to their everyday commitment and their talent for being open to surprises. The decision to accentuate the lavender is my way of expressing rectitude, purity and stamina, because it takes courage for this incredible blue flower to develop in arid ground and manage to express such a powerful scent. Mandarin reflects the ability to joyfully accept surprises with pleasure” explains Thierry Wasser.

In this new scent, mandarin and Carla lavender is brought out more. Explans Jelk, “We decided to emphasise the freshness by overdosing Carla lavender and mandarin. We wanted to celebrate femininity through this simple and joyful freshness. Isn’t authenticity the true luxury?”

Like the EDP, the bottle was inspired by the iconic Quadrilobé bottle created by Baccarat in 1908, so it still retains an old world glamour. “A perfume represents femininity by lending itself to your every mood and escaping definition. That is what I love about Mon Guerlain,” says Jolie.


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