Guerlain celebrates the L’art & La Matiere collection of exclusive fragrances, with the first high perfumery pop-up store in travel retail.

The tradition of Guerlain Haute Parfumerie – the very definition of the Art of Fragrance – is a precious heirloom. It elevates fragrances to their quintessence, transforming their scent trails into time defying Guerlain signatures akin to artistic masterpieces. Guerlain has always been a visionary in Haute Perfumery, creating rare and exceptional compositions for fragrance lovers and informed connoisseurs.

In March 2022, Guerlain launched its first ever Haute Parfumerie pop-up store in Travel Retail at Dubai International (DXB), in partnership with Dubai Airports, Dubai Duty Free, and JCDecaux. This premium immersive experience is set to reach departing as well as transiting passengers from Concourses B & C, Terminal 3. The Guerlain pop-up store was officially inaugurated on 12th May. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Guerlain, in conjunction with our partners Dubai Duty Free and JCDecaux, in bringing this highly exclusive experience to our global guests travelling through Dubai” – Eugene Barry, EVP Commercial at Dubai Airports.

From highly contemporary, refined aesthetics to a visitor experience enriched with extraordinary enchantments and attentive tailored touches, this pop-up becomes an exceptional destination, offering a truly beautiful journey situated at the crossroads of fragrance and art.

Commenting on the Guerlain pop-up, Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO of Dubai Duty Free said: “We are delighted that Guerlain has chosen our retail operation as the launch venue for this innovative pop-up that is going to be in Concourse B for 16 months”. We know that our customers, who travel through DXB from all over the world, are going to enjoy this highly personalised shopping experience and will have the chance to understand more about Guerlain as a brand and to enjoy this very special selection of products that have been specially curated.


Crowning jewel of Guerlain Haute Parfumerie, l’Art & la Matière echoes this irrepressible love of beauty.

The seventeen creations form a collection of olfactory masterpieces envisioned and crafted with savoir-faire, rigor, and Passion. Conceived by art, sculpted with the finest ingredients used in perfumery, and exalted by artistic passion and talent, the fragrance trail becomes more than a signature. It is transformed into an art form.

Each fragrance in the L’Art & La Matière collection is born of its own spark of inspiration. A gripping aesthetic thrill. An artistic emotion that leaves an indelible mark on the Perfumer’s memory. Gender, era and origin are all little importance; the key is exhilaration. Sight, sound, touch, and smell; all of the senses echo and transcend each other. Like a painter seated before their blank canvas, a writer piecing together their words or a composer arranging together notes on a score, the House of Guerlain Perfumer elevates fragrance to the rank of art. In a collection rich with emotions, fiery florals are steeped in passion, explosively fresh fragrances become even more vibrant, robust woody scents possess an altogether spellbinding power and incredibly coveted orientals are made more captivating than ever.


The quintessence of Parisian art of living: olfactory escapes from the comfort of the home. Guerlain Haute Parfumerie celebrates the art of fragrance in its fullest sense, honouring scents as they exist in everyday life, right through to the emotion of a trail that permeates the air and nourishes the soul of a place. Standing as perfect complements to the Eaux de Parfum of the L’Art & La Matière collection, these signatures are brought to life by candle flame or diffuser. Just as travels have shaped the lives of the Guerlain’s, who remain on a perpetual quest for raw materials, each scent is the reflection of a new getaway, picked from the olfactory memory of the Perfumer.


The art of perfumery at Guerlain has never been restricted by boundaries. As early as 1900, Guerlain recommended that clients spray perfume on gloves and handkerchiefs just as they would have done on the back of the neck or décolleté. True to this tradition of perfuming those private moments, the les Matières Confidentielles collection accompanies aesthetes into their homes, upon their skin or over their most cherished materials.


To embark our clients in a voluptuous and sensorial beauty journey, a dedicated space has been designed for Skincare & Make-up.

The skincare space is the domain of expertise and sensorially, heroing Orchidée Impériale an exceptional complete care range, renowned for its effectiveness on the signs of skin ageing and the sensory pleasure of its textures.

This premium skincare collection perfectly embodies the spirit of excellence for which Guerlain is known: the latest discoveries in skin longevity, unique formulation know-how and a rare and precious raw material, the orchid Client will also rediscover this exceptional collection, a beauty product housed in a creative design, like a jewel. Guerlain’s expertise in lip make-up formed over almost two centuries. Rouge G offers a huge variety of shades and textures to our clients. It’s where lip personalisation starts.


Personalisation is at the heart of Guerlain.

Each l’Art & la Matière fragrance is utterly singular and brimming with personality. This unique, in-store experience of olfactory discovery includes the option of adorning one’s bottle in a variety of arrangements, transforming it into an intimately personal companion, with every finishing touch carefully thought out.

A personalised bottle is not an accessory, but rather the ultimate expression of perfection. The customisation experience offers a myriad of beautiful materials and colours dear to the house of Guerlain. They are crafted with care in Guerlain boutiques at the hands of perfume experts, who uphold this house-exclusive art of customisation. The plate placed on top of the bottle stopper can be chosen from among twelve iconic versions.

To ensure that the bottle is truly unique down to the last detail, colour options of gold, black, blue, red, pink or green are available for the thread, as well as a choice of either gold or black for the tassel. Bottles can also be engraved with initials, a name or a short message. Kept for oneself or presented to a loved one, a personalised l’Art & la Matière bottle is a unique object, made to last for many years.

The Art of Gifting is also celebrated marvellously, highlighting the infinite possibilities offered by Guerlain, right down to the imaginatively designed gift packaging.