German duty-free retailer Heinemann is working to reduce the number of plastic bags being used by its shoppers and as a first step has teamed up with LOQI to offer reusable ‘trend’ bags as long term replacements.

“Our aim is to massively reduce the use of plastic bags in our airport shops. We know that our customers enjoy making spontaneous purchases and need sturdy options for carrying their items home. With its 27-centimetre-long carrying strap, the LOQI bag can be carried comfortably on the shoulder: this is particularly advantageous when you’ve just bought a bottle of wine or spirits. We hope we will, in future, be able to inspire even more customers to go for this hip, reusable bag,” says Jens Wolf, Director Retail Sales Europe at Gebr. Heinemann.

Cosmopolitan look – versatile use

The high-quality, foldable etui bag was designed specifically for Heinemann Duty Free and was produced by the known bag manufacturer LOQI, who has a long-standing travel retail partnership with Gebr. Heinemann. There are two models available, each with two different “Travelling Faces” designs on both sides: artistically altered portraits of people from different ethnic backgrounds with their gaze directed on the horizon; guiding the emotions towards that relaxed holiday feel. The design is a commitment to cultural diversity and a sustainable environment, which underpins the cosmopolitan aspirations of Heinemann Duty Free. “We made a conscious decision to go for a cooperation with a brand-name producer, so that the quality and design would ensure the long-term use of these bags,” says Jens Wolf.

A LOQI bag weighs in at just 55 grams, however, it can easily handle weights of 20 kilograms. The bag measures 50 by 42 centimetres, but can be folded to be much smaller. It is waterproof, robust, washable, chemical free and OEKO-TEX® certified. And it isn’t just helpful for your shopping: the stylish shoulder bag is also an on-trend accessory for when taking a stroll, or a useful beach bag.


50 percent reduction in plastic bags

The trend bag received a positive welcome from Heinemann Duty Free customers. Steffen Jopp, Managing Director Heinemann Duty Free in Berlin, reports: “With the introduction of the chargeable, disposable bags in our shops, we have been able to considerably heighten our customer’s ecological awareness and significantly reduce the use of plastic bags. With the LOQI bag, we now have a really cool alternative that we are able to offer our customers at an attractive price. This is incredibly important in a hip city such as Berlin. Our employees are also enthusiastic about this trend bag as an environmentally-friendly alternative, and have been working with great commitment to ensure the bags sell well; they have made a very good start, even in these first few days”.

As a family business that is committed to sustainability, Gebr. Heinemann has set itself the aim of reducing the use of plastic bags to the absolute minimum: and with a 50 percent success rate are well on their way to achieving this. Since January 2017, all disposable bags at Heinemann Duty Free in Germany and Austria have been chargeable. The proceeds from sales have been donated to OceanCare (, a marine conservation organisation, who are committed to combating plastic waste in the world’s oceans among other causes.

The principle of the reusable shopping companion is not new at Heinemann Duty Free: passengers have already been able to purchase sturdy, reusable bags made from 50 percent recyclable materials as an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable bags for two euros. The foldable LOQI bag now designed for Heinemann is another step forward for environmental protection, and at the same time a stylish addition to the range.