Heinemann Duty Free wows travellers at Berlin Schönefeld airport with virtual reality competition

Heinemann Duty Free wows travellers at Berlin Schönefeld airport with virtual reality competition

In the run-up to Christmas, online and offline shopping are being merged into a particularly holistic shopping experience for passengers at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport.

With the aid of an Augmented Reality App, Heinemann Duty Free is offering from 3rd to 24th December an opportunity to save money in the form of a game and, with every bit of fun and a little rivalry, to win an immediate discount on their purchase. With the Augmented Reality promotion, Heinemann Duty Free is one of the front runners for the new technology in airport retailing.

“We want to offer passengers in the capital city a unique shopping experience on a completely new level. The boundaries between online and offline shopping are becoming increasingly blurred and at the very latest, since the hype about “Pokémon Go”, the mixing of virtual and real world is a term understood by most people,” says Steffen Jopp, Managing Director of Heinemann Duty Free in Berlin. “It is our ambition that we are creating an insight into the virtual world for our international customers in game form. With the App, we have our finger on the pulse and are demolishing the bridges between both worlds.”

High yield: Burst balloons bring an immediate discount of up to 20 percent

“For the promotion during the run-up to Christmas, a lively promotion area is created in the Duty Free shop. Promoters will encourage customers actively to join in the game, will explain it and provide the customer with an iPad. Here, on one hand they see the real image of the shop and on the other red air balloons visible for them only on the display. Within 30 seconds, they must burst as many of these as possible by “virtual contact” with the iPad. The more balloons they “kill”, the higher is the value of the coupon they win. Gamers can win a discount of up to 20 percent on their purchase by taking part. The lucky devil who in each case has burst the 1000th balloon will be particularly happy – an extra gift card valued at 100 euros is waiting for him. The live image from the iPad will be transferred via AppleTV on to the promotion screens in the shop, so that each customer in the shop can join in the fun and perhaps even develop a taste for it.”

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