Hendrick’s Gin invites curious individuals to celebrate World Cucumber Day with a slice of the unusual.

This Spring has seen the kick off of the second Hendrick’s Gin Global Travel Retail World Cucumber Day campaign, which culminates on June 14 with the celebration of this signature garnish. World Cucumber Day is an annual celebration, which sees the unusual gin maker hero the remarkable fruit by adding delightful peculiarity to everyday universal things to inspire people to cultivate and embrace their unusual side.

In duty-free shops, Hendrick’s has created its own travelling ‘Cucumber Curiositarium’ which includes a selection of individual yet curious cucumber specimens ‘uncovered by expert cucumber catchers’ that are presented in display jars for travellers to marvel at in airports around the world. These include ‘The World’s Most Adored Cucumber (Specimen No 1) Behold true cucumber beauty before your very eyes’, ‘The Invisible Cucumber (Specimen No 3) What can we say dear friends, he was in here, honestly. I say, perhaps he still is?’, ‘The Sea Cucumber (Specimen No 4) There is a cucumber in this tank. Can you see her? Yes there she is, that’s her!’ and the ‘Explorer Cucumber (Specimen No 6) Hidden deep in the jungle, this courageous specimen loves discovering new species of odd and unusual creatures.’

In addition, localised Curiositarium’s have been created for specific airports, such ‘The Dam Cucumber (Specimen No 7) Indigenous to Amsterdam, this shy little fellow is rarely seen outdoors apart from when he’s fulfilling his passion for cycling his peculiar penny farthing through the cobbled lanes’ for Amsterdam Schiphol, and ‘The Tubular Cucumber (Specimen No 9) This epic antipodean gets amped just thinking about dropping into a frothing’ glass of Hendrick’s and tonic’ for Melbourne and Sydney.

“Our World Cucumber Day mission is to invite consumers into the Hendrick’s brand world and to reaffirm ownership of the signature cucumber serve,” explains brand owner William Grant & Sons GTR head of marketing Ifan Jenkins. “We want to disrupt passengers as they travel through the airports and brighten up their day with some unexpected fun moments.

“Our primary targets for this campaign are curious consumers who delight in the unusual. We are also expecting to recruit new consumers at scale and engage a broader audience with our unique brand world and exquisite liquid.”

This year’s campaign started at Amsterdam Schiphol during March and in the weeks leading up to ‘the big day’ on June 14 sees activations with retailers at key airports around the world including Auckland, Melbourne and Perth, Changi, Barcelona and Madrid, London.

Gatwick, Dubai, Frankfurt & Hamburg, Taoyuan, and Brussels. In addition, curious cucumbers will take a cruise on three Carnival ships with Heinemann in May and June.

Activation mechanics will vary by airport location, but will include a number of unusual and peculiar GWP items such as specially designed Curiositarium carry cases, fans, playing cards and neck tags.

Last year’s first World Cucumber Day campaign ran in 37 airports, reaching 70 million passengers in 10 weeks. “This year we are activating in more airports with greater scale than before,” continues Ifan Jenkins. “The travel retail channel is a global stage for building brand equity and activations such as this are the perfect way to both create personality for William Grant’s disruptive brands such as Hendrick’s and engage directly with passengers through unique retail experiences. We anticipate that this year’s World Cucumber Day campaign will be even more successful than last year, both for us and our retail partners. Along with tailored cucumber specimens for specific airport locations, we also have a dedicated microsite this year to further delight, entertain and inform our curious consumers.”

The microsite goes live in May on www.worldcucumberday.com with hashtag links:

Hendrick’s Gin has always held the cucumber in the highest regard. The spirit’s unusual distillation process includes an infusion of rose and cucumber, which yields an extraordinarily smooth gin that is a rare union of lightness and complexity. Not only that, but there is simply no better way to cap off a Hendrick’s cocktail than with a little green garnish cut from the same fruit that gives Hendrick’s its pleasingly unusual flavour.

Revelry is taking place across the world once more. For further information please visit www.hendricksgin.com