Cognac house Hennessy has marked the arrival of its eighth-generation master blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde with “legacy” release, Hennessy 8.

De Gironde has served on the Hennessy tasting committee for the past 14 years, and will now succeed his uncle Yann Fillioux, who has worked with the brand for 50 years.

While de Gironde has officially inducted the new blender, Fillioux will continue to serve as his mentor.

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To mark the transition, Fillioux has created his “ultimate blend”, Hennessy 8. A limited edition release, just 250 bottles will be made available, and the liquid will never be recreated.

Described as a “figurative symbol” of the Cognac house’s heritage, Hennessy 8 is named after the eight eaux-de-vie is contains. Seven were chosen by Fillioux, with the eighth selected by de Gironde.

“The number 8 is the eternal symbol of perfection, as Hennessy 8 well illustrates,” said Fillioux.

“For me, it embodies ideal simplicity and absolute perfection.”

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Hennessy 8 is presented in a hand-blown Baccarat crystal carafe designed by Arik Levy, an artist “long term friend” of the Maison. The design features eight inset rings, “an ode to eight generations of master blenders and the eight eaux-de-vie inside”.

A crystal stopper engraved with a floral motif continues the numerical theme, while a copper silk thread links with an H medallion, reminiscent of the design used by LVMH sister, Maison Guerlain.

Each carafe is individually numbered and signed by Levy, and can be personalised on request.

The carafe is presented in a box with four tasting glasses, designed by both Fillioux and Georg Riedel 30 years ago, a reprised for the release.

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A debut edition of Hennessy 8 comprises 100 carafes, exclusively available in the UK through Harrods in London. 

“We are absolutely delighted to be launching the Hennessy 8 exclusively in The Spirits Room at Harrods,” said Nick Fleming, Harrods spirits buyer.

“The liquid is elegant, complex and portrays the perfect balance between purity of fruit expression and precision of wood management, which only servers to highlight what has been achieved by the master blenders.

“The quality, innovation and creativity of this exceptionally crafted liquid, demonstrates the long term partnership between Harrods and Hennessy, making Hennessy 8 the perfect addition to our portfolio.”

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