Discover Le Regard Hermès, six harmonies of eyeshadows that elevate and illuminate. Six shades of mascara that reveal and intensify.

Hermés Beauty’s latest two launches. On October 13, the fashion house released six different hues of its Ombres de Harmes Eyeshadow Quartets, along with six deep, dense shades of a brand new Revitalizing Care Mascara.

Ombres d’Hermès, Eye shadow quartet

Six color palettes offer various avenues of expression for the eyes, creating a natural, intense or sophisticated look. Each quartet is composed of a graduated trio of powders complemented by a fourth, bold and unexpected shade. All can be used individually or combined to create a subtle, seamless blend of shadows.

Designed by Pierre Hardy, this quartet of eyeshadows plays with geometric shapes and echoes the Bauhaus movement. Its round case is protected by a canvas drawstring pouch and includes an applicator brush in lacquered wood. The object is presented in an orange box.

Imagined by Gregoris Pyrpylis, creative director of Hermès Beauty, each palette is inspired by nature and bears a name evocative of its color universe.

The eyeshadow quartets are composed of 98% natural ingredients. The powder contains silky emollients and oils, ensuring effortless application and a long-lasting, natural finish. The eyeshadows’ soft and light texture can be easily blended using a finger or brush, allowing you to achieve your desired level of intensity. In each palette, the various finishes draw inspiration from the silk métier. The matte finish evokes the essence of silk chiffon, the satin finish mirrors the allure of silk twill, and the shimmering finish is reminiscent of silk lame.

The eye shadow case is refilled by simply removing and replacing the powder pan. Refills are sold separately in quartets.

Trait d’Hermès, Revitalizing care mascara

The revitalizing care mascara intensifies and emphasizes the gaze with lash to lash volume. Its innovative wand ensures easy application and precise lash definition.

This elegant and slim object features an ultra-fine technical wand composed of plant fibers derived from the castor bean. Its shape forms a subtle H, creating reservoirs in the sides that deposit just the right amount of product onto the lashes. True objets d’art designed by Pierre Hardy, each mascara is packaged in an orange box, a House signature.

Composed of 97% natural ingredients, the mascara’s gentle formula is suitable for all eyes, including sensitive. It contains millet seed extract, known for its protective and lengthening properties, nourishing shea butter and moringa butter. As a result, the lashes appear denser and thicker. The light texture of the revitalizing care mascara, designed for lash to lash volume, glides seamlessly along each lash from root to tip, coating them individually for precise application. Its weightless formula has a long-lasting result that does not flake or transfer to the eyelid.