International travellers are simply loving the chance to have their name on a bar of Toberone…

Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR) has ushered in a modern, innovative approach to personalization in the confectionery category through travel retail’s number one chocolate brand, Toblerone. From the highly successful personalized sleeves for the iconic Toblerone 360g bar to the new customised message stickers for the Toblerone Tiny 272g bags, Mondelez WTR is delighting and capturing the hearts of travelling consumers by using digital to connect with them on an emotional level.

The Toblerone sleeve printer was launched for the first time in travel retail at the new Istanbul Airport in April 2019, providing travellers with the opportunity to print a fully customised message onto the famous gold packaging. The new personalization solution was an instant success; almost 7,000 sleeves were printed during the three-month promotional period, and the technology has since been rolled out to an additional 40 locations across Europe, Asia, Australia and most recently, the Middle East. Following the installation of the sleeve printer at Dubai International Airport at the end of last year, sales of the Toblerone 360g bars doubled in this location, resulting in double-digit growth for Mondelez WTR in January 2020 versus the previous year.

A brand new personalization solution was unveiled in Hong Kong International Airport in December 2019, enabling travellers to digitally print customized messages onto stickers to adorn the highly-giftable Toblerone Tiny 272g bags. The latest digital innovation from Mondelez WTR was well-received by shoppers, resulting in a high-single digit uplift for Toblerone in Hong Kong and almost 20 confirmed upcoming locations for the sticker printer across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Toblerone first pioneered personalization in the confectionery category with ‘Messages’ in 2017, a novel way of packaging the iconic 360g bar that empowered travellers to express themselves through chocolate purchased as gifts. Since then, Mondelez WTR has persistently experimented with and delivered novel ways of keeping the personalization offering fresh and relevant, adding ‘digital’ to their ‘Delighting Travellers’ category vision in pursuit of category growth. From the launch of the ribbon printer in 2018 to a recent trial that used QR code stickers on Toblerone Tiny bags to share personalized videos, Mondelez WTR has trialled a number of contemporary solutions. Through constant innovation and scaling up the most successful initiatives, the confectionery category leader has made personalization more accessible and an integral part of the confectionery offering in travel retail.