Iman Pérez, the renowned model and actress, takes centre stage as the face of Chanel’s highly anticipated Pre-Collection fall-winter 2023 campaign. With the enchanting backdrop of Paris’ picturesque streets, photographer Malick Bodian captures Iman in a mesmerizing display of timeless elegance.

The Pre-Collection draws inspiration from the alluring fashion eras of the 1970s and 1990s, flawlessly embodied by Iman as she effortlessly showcases Chanel’s exquisite designs. The collection boasts an exquisite array of iconic tweed jackets, graceful duster coats, and elevated denim pieces, each radiating an aura of refined sophistication.

Beyond the fall-winter pre-collection, Chanel invites you to explore the enchanting Coco Beach collection and discover the latest No. 5 fine jewelry line. These offerings further exemplify Chanel’s commitment to crafting enduring and timeless pieces.

One particular ensemble demands attention—an attention-grabbing red skirt suit comprised of three exquisitely tailored pieces, accompanied by a matching bag adorned with sparkling hardware. This ensemble perfectly encapsulates the essence of Chanel, harmonizing classic elements with a modern twist.

In another captivating image, Iman exudes grace while donning a camel jacket paired with jeans embellished with the renowned interlocking Cs—a symbol synonymous with the prestigious French brand. This stunning combination effortlessly merges casual comfort with Chanel’s signature aesthetic, seamlessly blending high fashion with everyday wear.