Jägermeister, the world’s most successful herbal liqueur, is once again getting into the Halloween spirit by running a themed promotion in Copenhagen Airport.

Running throughout October, Jägermeister has created an eye-catching display area within the Heinemann store featuring spooky Halloween visuals including skulls, spiders and dripping blood. In an added twist, promotional staff are also dressed in Halloween costumes and sampling some of the 1.2 million travellers passing through Copenhagen Airport during the month of October with ice cold shots of Jägermeister.

“We continuously look to deliver memorable brand experiences where we can engage directly with our consumers and Halloween offers us the perfect platform to do so,” explains Mast-Jägermeister SE Director of GTR, Dietmar Franke.

“Travellers passing through Copenhagen Airport are certainly going to get into the Halloween spirit thanks to Jägermeister.”

Within the creepy themed zone, passengers can buy a range of Jägermeister products, including the Jägermeister Copenhagen bottles from the city label range launched in May 2018.

This latest initiative reflects Jägermeister’s strategy to prioritise the GTR channel and increase its presence in airports. Jägermeister is the world’s top herbal liqueur brand and the #9 international premium spirits brand1 and #132 within travel retail.

Jägermeister, with an ABV of 35% is made from 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits. It was created by Curt Mast more than 80 years ago and the secret recipe remains unchanged. Made from all natural ingredients, its taste is characterised by hints of citrus, ginger and star anise, accompanied by a slightly bitter herbal note. The recommended serve is an ice cold shot at minus 18 degrees, straight from the freezer.