The newest La Belle in light blue just arrived on the market from Jean Paul Gaultier – it’s lovely, enchanting, floral, and aquatic.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s La Belle Fleur Terrible will certainly seduce us after the two unique creations of the La Belle collection: La Belle from 2019 and La Belle Le Parfum from 2020.

La Belle Fleur Terrible is preseneted with a wild, fresh, floral bouquet. A creamy, sensuous, petalled potion. Notes of triumphant iris are crowned in a host of other blossoms, all gracefully ushering in sensual vanilla.

La Belle Fleur Terrible

Terrible, terrible, she’s just terrible! Watch out! Here she comes…
Beautiful! Floral! Terrible!
A wild plant with a velvety, carnal touch.
But will this brazen nymph seduce us or devour us?

THE MUSE – Embodying this new delicate-yet-wild Gaultier muse is Tess McMillan. In January 2020, Tess lit up the catwalk during the designer’s farewell couture show. Ever since, this new flamboyant, callipygian ambassador has remained a constant source of inspiration. And here we have the terrible proof!

THE BOTTLE – Sultry and luscious, La Belle Fleur Terrible flaunts her self-love and confidence. We’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her in her lagoon-blue starkness. She sports an embroidered floral necklace inspired by the ultra-couture headdress designed by the Jean Paul Gaultier Ateliers in 2020. And that’s all! She’s entirely au naturel (or almost).

THE CAN (A.K.A. THE CASE) – The iconic tin can is adorned in a multi-coloured oriental garden. Come in, stray wanderer! Inspired by a Gaultier print, butterflies, fabulous flora, and birds of paradise, jostle around this haven where La Belle Fleur Terrible basks in delight. Temptation is at its peak. Let us in! We must take in her fragrance!

THE CREATOR – Quentin Bisch has dreamt up this floral-aquatic scent in the spirit of Gaultier fragrances. But for this opus, he wished to write a new olfactory history to suit such a (terribly) singular muse.

“It’s a slightly aquatic, incredibly carnal, powdery fragrance. The blossoms herald the sensuality of vanilla, which offers this floral bouquet its comforting, sensuous blanket.” — Quentin Bisch, perfumer at Givaudan and creator of La Belle Fleur Terrible for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Belle Fleur Terrible will be available as a 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml Eau de Parfum, starting February 1st, 2022.