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Jeju International Airport (Hangul: 제주국제공항, Hanja: 濟州國際空港, Revised Romanization of Korean: Jeju Gukje Gonghang, McCune-Reischauer: Cheju Kukche Konghang) (IATA: CJUICAO:RKPC) is the 2nd largest airport in South Korea, just behind Incheon Airport in Incheon. It is located in the city of Jeju. The airport opened in 1968.

Jeju International Airport serves many mainland destinations in South Korea, as well as international destinations in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. In 2013, 20,055,238 passengers used the airport.

Located in a southern part of Korea, on an island off the Korean peninsula, the weather is mild and warm during much of the year. The city is a well-known resort, with prestigious hotels and publiccasino facilities. In 2011, 9.9 million passengers flew between the two cities of Seoul and Jeju, making the GimpoJeju route the world’s busiest passenger air route. Jeju welcomes over four million visitors from mainland Korea, Japan, and China every year.

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Jeju International Airport Duty Free Shops

Duty Free and luxury boutiques at this airport include:

JDC Duty Free

Lotte Duty Free