Jil Sander unveils Strictly Night edition of men’s fragrance

Jil Sander unveils Strictly Night edition of men’s fragrance

Jil Sander introduces a new men’s fragrance described as “Elegance Made to Measure – A different mood. A different moment. The same man.” – see more…

“Now, after Strictly Jil Sander, the iconic Jil Sander design aesthetic of rigour and refinement is concentrated in a new fragrance for men. STRICTLY JIL SANDER NIGHT is the scent of a man who exudes a calm assurance, a subtle sensuality. A fragrance to be that he wears with the same effortless elegance as a Jil Sander suit.

As day segues into evening, his thoughts turn to seduction. The flawless cut of his dark jacket, discreetly defining his lean silhouette. The sensual glide of the finest fabric against his bare skin. The unique aura of his signature fragrance, warm, comfortable and quietly compelling…”



Created, like the original fragrance, by Olivier Pescheux (Givaudan), STRICTLY JIL SANDER NIGHT shares a similar woody-spicy structure, but a softer citrus and a stronger sensual facet encapsulate the elegance of the Jil Sander man at his most seductive.

Tailored with the precision of a tuxedo, STRICTLY JIL SANDER NIGHT blends spicy top notes of black pepper and pepperwood with a refreshing zest of bergamot. The spicy theme continues into the heart, where warm nutmeg and cool cardamom create an intriguing contrast, complementing the refined floral overtones of lavender. In the dry-down, vetiver and patchouli define a sharp, clean-cut masculinity, softened by the addictive warmth of tonka bean, which fuses sensually with the skin.

For the bottle of STRICTLY JIL SANDER NIGHT, the streamlined cylinder of the original – the mirror image of Simply Jil Sander, its female counterpart – adopts a night code of glossy black with accents of white. The box, too, subtly evokes the timeless style of a tuxedo, elegantly coordinating black and grey with crisp white lettering.

A quiet charisma. An impelling gaze. For STRICTLY JIL SANDER NIGHT, Canadian model Milan Krouzil embodies the subtle seduction of the Strictly Jil Sander man. Against a backdrop of city lights, a dark suit, impeccably tailored, worn … directly on the skin.



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