An iconic fragrance note. Discover a new collection from Jo Malone London celebrating the rose.

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,’ the love-sick Juliet once ruminated and she was quite right. This sumptuous flower has reigned supreme over the hearts and minds of poets, writers and artists since time immemorial. Wars have been named after it. Royal houses and entire nations have chosen to be symbolised by it. For centuries, it has been used to scent everything from baths and fountains to bedrooms and banquets. It’s really quite simple – everyone adores the rose.

‘Through loves and losses, triumphs and disasters, the rose remains at the heart of it all.’

There are around 30,000 varieties of rose, yet no two are the same. They climb. They ramble. They always captivate. Archaeologist’s date rose fossils back 35 million years, and yet Greek mythology tells more than one story of how the rose was conjured into being. One such tale is of Chloris, goddess of flowers, happening upon the body of a beautiful nymph in the forest. Calling on her fellow deities, the lifeless nymph was blessed with beauty, nectar, charm and joy, while warmed by the rays of the sun. She was thus transformed into an exquisite flower and named Rose by Aphrodite. An auspicious new start by anyone’s standards. At Jo Malone London, we’ve always been intrigued by the personalities of roses. The dimensions to their characters, which lend themselves to endless possibility. The English rose, heavy with bees in the late summer sun of a walled garden, is the most fragrant of them all. Rose de mai grows only in Grasse during the month of May and must be picked at dawn to preserve its delicate scent. Damascene rose, believed to have been brought to European shores from Syria by a French crusader, conjures the sensuousness of desert nights in the Middle East. We could go on.

Five roses find five perfect partners in our Rose Collection that includes: Red Roses Cologne, Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne, Rose Blush Cologne, Rose & Magnolia Cologne and Rose & White Musk. Each fragrance is a journey in itself. At times peachy, dewy, green. At others, warm, deep, mysterious – but always blended with ingredients that defy expectation. Through loves and losses, triumphs and disasters, the rose remains at the heart of it all.

Red Roses

“Red Roses offers a scent that’s like having a bouquet of fresh roses in your living room, as if freshly cut from the garden.” Celine Roux.

Velvet Rose & Oud

“For Velvet Rose & Oud, we used a rose damascena absolute from Turkey. It’s warm, deep and mysterious attributes pair perfectly with sensual, woody oud.” Fabrice Pellegrin, Perfumer.

Rose & Magnolia

“For Rose & Magnolia, we played with two rose ingredients: rose damascena & rose de mai. We magnified the freshness and fruit with magnolia blossom and geranium and pushed the spice with a twist of black pepper and wood.” Mathilde Bijaoui, Perfumer.

Rose Blush

“For Rose Blush, we used a rose damascena infusion, which has a wonderful juicy, fruity aspect that we amplified with a lychee accord. We added white musk for comfort and a green, aromatic note with basil for an unexpected touch.” Marie Salamagne, Perfumer

Rose & White Musk

“For Rose & White Musk, we combined three different rose ingredients: an essence for the floral aspect, an absolute for spiciness and depth and our specially developed Rose Essential for capturing the freshest tones of the flower. By doing this we were able to present a really rounded rose that retained all its character and complexity throughout the fragrance.” Anne Flipo, Perfumer.

We’ll meet you in the rose garden.