Johnnie Walker honours the Striding Man with Blue Label special editions

Johnnie Walker honours the Striding Man with Blue Label special editions

Johnnie Walker has launched a four-bottle limited release called Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Edition – available from the brand’s Johnnie Walker House whisky embassies in airports around the world.

Johnnie Walker House has launched a limited four-bottle edition, featuring the brand logo’s evolution from 1908 to 2015, to pay homage to the Striding Man logo. Through illustrating the story of a figure that has transcended generations, the limited edition sees eras of Striding Man come together in a collection and merchandised in a specially-designed product packaging.

Created by Tom Brown in 1908, the striding man brings to life the brand and the man himself through its signature top hat, double-breasted coat, black boots and long-knobbed cane. It was refreshed in 1929 by Leo Cheney, who made the striding man into an icon for adventure across the world and enlivened the logo with colour for a contemporary look.

To usher in a new millennium, 67 years later John Geary redesigned the logo to echo the brand’s commitment to innovation by flipping it to face right, signalling a new direction to progress.

The icon was once again refreshed in 2015 by Gary Redford, with the reprisal of facial features, suave tipping of his hat and the hint of a charismatic smile.

“From the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world, the evolution of the Striding Man has played a defining role in establishing Johnnie Walker as one of the world’s first modern luxury brands with a distinguished brand logo,” commented Lawrence Law, Global General Manager for Johnnie Walker House. “We are pleased to pay tribute to this timeless icon with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Edition.”

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Edition is to be sold at Johnnie Walker Houses worldwide. Pricing available in store.

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