For their new men’s signature fragrance, JOOP! promises to take you on a journey of transformation: a journey that leads from a fundamental state of being to one of powerful, confident, accomplishment – WOW!…

Available in duty-free and travel retail markets from February 1 – get ready to discover the WOW! effect…


Press release:

JOOP! WOW! extends the JOOP! fragrance house to a more strong-willed, free-spirited man who has nothing to prove, to himself or to others.

The only thing missing is the finishing touch, the detail that makes the difference…

Get ready to be surprised.
Determined and unconventional with a magnetic presence, the JOOP! WOW! man is always ready to transcend himself. Untamed with natural charisma he endlessly renews himself in his pursuit of excitement and thrills.

Man of power and influence he knows, above all, that life is full of surprises, and so is he.
That’s why he always follows his instinct, remains true to his nature, authentic, real and raw behind the facade.
One drop of JOOP! WOW! and he becomes irresistible.
No wonder he creates the WOW! effect wherever he goes.

The scent that makes the man.

JOOP! WOW! provokes a surprising, fresh woody addiction. Playing with excesses and overdoses it translates the free spirit of astonishment, embodies a vibrant personality with a fresh attitude. Exciting and avant-garde, it’s a fragrance that goes straight to the point and is made of the most exquisite ingredients.

JOOP! WOW! awakens all the senses with captivating top notes of Bergamot, Cardamom and Violet-leaf… a sensitive combination of spicy effect and effervescent freshness, virile and elegant. It totally bewitches with a blend of rich absolutes: irresistibly sensual Fir Balsam, darkly masculine Tonka Bean and dangerously warm Vanilla Surabsolute fuse together in a hypnotizing blend.

And the foundation of this provocatively intoxicating trail is the supremely woody base, noble combination of distinctive woods, Vetiver and Cashmeran, a memorable signature, full of masculinity, intensity and texture.

Eau de Toilette, 60ml RRP 55euros
Eau de Toilette, 100ml RRP 68euros


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