Jura releases Very Rare Vintage 1975 duty-free exclusive – Only 21 bottles available

Jura releases Very Rare Vintage 1975 duty-free exclusive – Only 21 bottles available

Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky has unveiled a truly rare and extraordinary single malt showcasing a bygone era from its island home, which celebrates a distinctive maturation story. It is a travel retail exclusive single malt, available initially through DFS, before being rolled out to other key hub airports in Asia.

A genuine statement of exclusivity captured in this single malt through its colour, aromas and flavours, the Very Rare Vintage 1975 is limited to just 21 bottles in 2020 and is the ultimate malt to treasure.

First matured in a small batch American oak ex-bourbon barrel, the resulting spirit delivers sandalwood to honey, vanilla and baked apples – a collective nod to the character nurtured during this formative time. For the following six years, this special single malt was further refined in the very finest hand selected Tawny Port Pipes. Sourced from the Symington Family Estates in the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal, these rare port casks awakened the spirit, adding a finishing flair.

It is this second maturation, reflecting 44 years in cask, which delivers the natural and distinctive amber gold hue with its crimson highlights, and delivers aromas of tropical fruit, nectarines and roasted walnuts with a black coffee finish. The final result sustains all the mystique and complexity of the aged port pipe.

Commenting on the release, Richard Trimby, Whyte & Mackay Travel Retail Director, said: “Despite the current climate, there is still strong demand for these unique and very rare releases appealing to Scotch aficionados and collectors. This Very Rare Vintage 1975 is a remarkable single malt which not only shows a real test of time, but also reflects the incredible skills of our whisky makers in knowing when the time was right to bottle this rare treasure. Our commitment to offering special, limited and truly rare products is reflected in this release and we are sure both Jura lovers and the wider whisky fraternity will relish this extraordinary whisky.”

Taken from cask #413.403, the 21 individually numbered bottles have an ABV of 46.2% and an RSP of £6,880. This presentation box includes a 5cl miniature alongside a book sharing the story of this remarkable single malt.

Colour – Amber gold with crimson highlights.
Nose – Aromatic sandalwood, blood orange, raisin and toasted bananas.
Taste – Tropical fruit salad, nectarines and roasted walnuts with a black coffee finish.

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