Lancaster has it covered with new suncare range

Lancaster has it covered with new suncare range

Lancaster has unveiled its 2015 collection of suncare products for the travel retail and duty free market, updating and adding to the existing range.

Check out the Lancaster Sun range this spring with its two new Sun Beauty extensions: Tan Deepener SPF30 and Dry Oil Fast Tan Optimizer SPF50. In addition, the brand is relaunching its flagship Tan Maximizer collection.

Lancaster’s Tan Activator Complex – the key ingredient within the brand’s After-Sun Tan Maximizer range – has been improved for 2015 and is now claims to prolong tanning for up to one month. Tan Maximizer products are said to soothe sun-exposed skin and intensify melanin production, to preserve colour for longer.

The updated range comprises a number of different after sun products and textures, including an Instant Cooling Mist and an In Shower Body Lotion. Other sun care items include the Tan Deepener SPF30 – a tinted jelly sun product that delivers protection against UVA, UVB and Infrared light, in addition to an immediate glow.

Lancaster says: “A beautiful tan is created on well-protected skin. So, for Lancaster, everyone must be able to find the highest level of protection that suits their skin – and the ritual and sensual feel that they can delight in. This is what will make them feel beautiful and great, and make them want to apply and reapply their product throughout the day. This year, from preparing the skin to prolonging the tan, through protection during sun exposure, Lancaster will further enrich its ritual of bespoke tanning, with a new palette of filtration, textures, application techniques and sensual delights. Everyone can create their own way to tan.”

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