Lancaster launches new Sun Sport & Sun Beauty ranges for Summer

Lancaster launches new Sun Sport & Sun Beauty ranges for Summer

Suncare specialists Lancaster are set to launch their 2017 Sun Beauty and Sun Sport ranges in duty-free stores from March…

Here’s whats new to keep you safe in the sun this Summer:

Lancaster Sun Sport New Generation

Keep it moving this summer! In the water, on the sand… In 2017, you’ll enjoy the sunshine as you stay active.

Lancaster has never stopped innovating for women who love keeping on the move. In 2009, sunscreen application got easier with Sun Sport, the brand’s first invisible sun protection mist. In 2013, infrared technology was added to the formula, which offered the new option of application to wet skin. In 2017, Sun Sport products step into the sunshine once again; they are now ‘intelligent’, adapting to your environment but also to your activities. The more you move, the more you are refreshed, all while staying protected! With Sun Sport, it has never been so easy to freely enjoy the sunshine.


Lancaster Sun Beauty ‘Full Light Technology’

For the summer of 2017, the Lancaster Laboratories are integrating the revolutionary ‘Full Light technology’, launched in 2016, to all its sunscreen ranges.







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