Lancôme’s new luxury private collection perfumes, Maison Lancôme, exclusively pre-launch at Dubai Duty Free

Lancôme’s new luxury private collection perfumes, Maison Lancôme, exclusively pre-launch at Dubai Duty Free

Lancôme and Dubai Duty Free have partnered to exclusively pre-launch for two-months the release of Lancôme’s new luxury private collection perfumes, Maison Lancome, from 1st March to 30th April 2019.

Maison Lancôme, a legacy of the art of living

Maison Lancôme celebrates the French art of living that has defined the rose-emblemed brand ever since it was created by perfumer Armand Petitjean in 1935. A refined aesthete and true epicurean, a lover of travel, flowers and gastronomy alike, the Lancôme founder injected the house with the values that distinguish it still today: upholding a tradition of French excellence inherited from the golden age of modern perfumery to create generous and indulgent compositions.

An exclusive field of expression for this exceptional legacy, Maison Lancôme teams the finest artistic talents with unique expertise to offer a range of fragrances composed, designed and made in France.

In 2019, the collection explores a new facet of the French art of living and thus marks the beginning of the next chapter in its story. In the wake of the Grands Crus, Maison Lancôme is drawing inspiration from French Gardens for its four new creations: Figues & Agrumes, Magnolia Rosae, Patchouli Aromatique and Pivoines Printemps.

French Gardens, a new decor for Maison Lancôme

From an afternoon lazing in the grass to a weekend break in the countryside, French gardens are places to commune with nature, to gather with friends and family and share in the simple, precious pleasures of life.

Armand Petitjean had a special love of French gardens, as evinced by those he had magnificently laid out at the Lancôme plantation in Chevilly, known at the time as the “Versailles of Perfumery”. But above all, this love found expression in the garden of his country home, Les Vallières, a bucolic and romantic haven of peace where the perfumer and his wife grew rare flowers and hosted elegant receptions for their friends and family every Sunday.

By merging this quintessentially French tradition of weekends in the countryside with the historical heritage of the brand, Maison Lancôme has created the modern and elegant framework for its own special olfactory interpretation of the French country garden.

A perfect garden that extols the beauty of a bountiful and varied nature: tamed with incredible refinement, it gradually reveals its wild charm over the course of a fragrant stroll. From the velvety petal of a flower garden to the delicious flavours of fruit from the orchard and the soft, soothing atmosphere of a majestic wood, the Maison Lancôme garden fills the senses with a profusion of colours and scents, which can be discovered on an immersive and multi-sensory virtual reality experience in stores.

Figues & Agrumes

By Alex Lee and Patricia Choux

We worked together on the fig, combining our two visions to create a unique interpretation of the fruit. Patricia was inspired by the fresh, green fig you can smell when you walk by the fig trees in southern France. Alex played on the mouthwatering and addictive facet of the fig.”

Magnolia Rosae

By Mathilde Bijaoui

“When I was a child, I would go to my maternal grandparents’ garden and sit on a bench beneath an enormous magnolia tree, which was spectacular when in bloom… I imagined a fragrance around the plump, velvety petals of the magnolia, a fragrance of skin and flowers.”


Patchouli Aromatique

By Juliette Karageuzoglou

“Patchouli is my favourite ingredient. I wanted to work this sublime plant into a comfortable creation. My objective was to tame it by blending it with a French garden.”


Pivoines Printemps

By Nicolas Beaulieu

“The dense whorl of peony petals makes me think of the smooth, creaminess of whipped cream!”


See below images of the new collection at Dubai Duty Free:


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